Rules Of My Blog

1) The following sensations that I write about are not “side effects” of Trikafta. If you want real information on side effects, seek published info from Vertex Pharmaceuticals

2) I’ve been simultaneously suffering with a series of neurological issues in addition to my CF, and as such, the content that write is ONLY RELEVANT TO MY EXPERIENCE.

3) I like to infuse humor into my writing, so don’t take me too seriously. With that being said, I’m not “making stuff up” for the sake of entertainment–this is simply a representation of my experience

When in doubt, see the all caps portion of part 2.


I’m not trying to get sued, nor am I attempting to get people overly excited/worried about taking the drug so the above is my disclaimer. And no, I am not sponsored by Trikafta… But if you want to pay me to write a comedic review of a product email me 😉