TRIKAFTA DAY 12: Fixing my Error

4 days after fixing my Trikafta administration mistake, things have begun to change even more–I guess there’s a reason your supposed to take Trikafta with enough fat.

IN THE BATHROOM: Because I’m overly dedicated to noting ALL sensations and changes that I’ve noticed since starting the new modulating drug (though read my disclaimer before you break into the legal paperwork), I will now crack open the stall door and give some TMI insight into how my digestion is doing (if you aren’t taking this drug yourself, and would still like to have an appetite tonight, skip this section of the post). My urine is like my baths–bubbly and warm. While I am happy to report that my pee has always been warm, the excessive bubbles are a new feature I’ve noticed in the past week. As for news from the other end, my male pregnancy (ie. Bloating) has ended, and things have been flowing–almost too freely. This “freedom” has also been associated with some digestive discomfort (although I have Chronic Pancreatitis so this is the norm). Overall, my digestion is like a New York Times bestseller– an unpredictable tear jerker with a personality of is own.

THE LUNG REBIRTH: Over the past day, I’ve noticed that I’ve been more congested in my lungs–not less. While normally increased congestion is a bad thing for people with CF, my doctor warned me about The Mucous Purge–it should get worse for a few weeks, but then be gone forever.