Cystic Fibrosis: My Struggles with Sleep

Ever since starting Tobramycin inhaled for a pseudomonas infection, I’ve had trouble getting restful sleep. I have trouble going to sleep, and I wake up too early in the morning. While at first I did not associate with this with the Tobramycin, I now see in retrospect how I believe it has affected my sleep. There are even studies now showing that Tobramycin somehow affects our sleep cycles:

Tobramycin has continued to affect my sleep even after the I’ve stopped the course of antibiotics, perhaps do the post-antibiotic effect of aminoglycosides. My doctor said that the effects of Tobramycin inhaled are cumulative, and for me, it seems as though it’s cumulative in making my sleep poor and feeling completely wiped out all the time.

Even after being off Tobramycin, I found that the following has really helped improve my sleep. I’m not saying that you should try this, but it really helps me, so I thought I’d post:

Aspirin 41mg (half of a baby aspirin) and 1.25mg of pure melatonin (no l-theanine, or other additives)

I take this when I wake up in the middle of the night or too early.

Here are some studies on the interactions between melatonin, aspirin, and Tobramycin:


This study recommends three milligrams of melatonin a day.

Aspirin (and many more):

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