First Meal Post Trikafta: Burning mustard

HARMLESS MUSTARD?: About two months ago I unintentionally created a yellow mustard addiction; what started out as innocent dabbling on my OCD prepared lettuce wraps, turned into a nightly consumption routine of approximately 2+ tablespoons of the golden elixer. As I confidently indulged in my first bite of mustard-based lettuce wraps for the evening, I was shocked when my favorite yellow consumable burned the roof of my mouth and radiated pain into my sinuses; I felt betrayed as my docile yellow mustard friend bit me like a gallon of horseradish. #divorced

I’m happy to report that since then, aka a few bites later, mustard and I reconciled and are on good terms. Whether or not this event was associated with neurological problems I’ve been having, or is simply a universal sensation associated with CFTR modulation is to be determined. #DrugInteractionsMayOccur #MustardIsMyDrug