5 Hours After Taking Trikafta

BONUS OXYGEN: About 5 hours after taking Trikafta it became apparent that I didn’t have to breathe as much–each breath felt like the air was “filling.” It was like the opposite of going up to a high altitude where the air feels thin; Apparently I should’ve started Trikafta on my initial ascent to the top of mount Everest. #nextTime

SINUS FREEDOM: This was definitely psychological, but when I walked outside for the first time post-Trikafta, I noticed the unusual potency of my urban environment. As it turns out, air pollution doesn’t smell nice, but its undesirable odor can be cured if one acquires “extensive sinus disease.” #SolvedGlobalWarming?

ONE SIDED HEADACHE ABOVE RIGHT EYEBROW: While all almost all of my initial sensations/perceptions of the afternoon were overwhelmingly positive, the only thing that was slightly less than amazing about the afternoon was my headache; SIDE NOTE: This likely would’ve happened anyways, as I get migraines (particularly ocular migraines) everyday.