First Workout Post Trikafta

Three hours after my first dose of Trikafta, I decided to test my body with a workout.


I did my usual daily cardio routine: 15 minutes on a cardio machine exerting as hard as possible, followed by 30 minutes of semi-relaxed exertion. SIDE NOTE: I don’t see why people think it’s so hard to workout on a daily basis; isn’t everyone unemployed and living with their parents while working towards college graduation?#millennial


While I’d like to say that my first fifteen minutes of pedaling is akin to watching Lance Armstrong at his finest, in reality it’s more like watching a two year old in a trike. I’m about as close to cycling in the Tour de France as I am to physically biking to France. Yes, I live in California.

Then I noticed that everything changed due to my protein modulator; Unfortunately, the change did not make me competitive with Lance Armstrong, but it did make me ABSURDLY sweaty. By the time I finished, I couldn’t tell if I had done a fully clothed pool workout, or if I had really just been pedaling on a bike at a neutral 65 degrees. I’m pretty sure that I could’ve filled a small kiddie pool with my enviable salty secretions. #facet In reality, I can’t say there was a casual relationship between my taking the drug and my excessive sweatiness, but I’d like to blame my unsightly sweatiness on something other than me. #TourDeSweat