Breakthrough Trikafta Drug: How is it administered?


While I was keeping my fingers crossed that the administration process would involve some sort of blue surrogate alien body floating in a liquid cylinder–unfortunately it does not. #NoPandora I don’t even have to give myself painful injections that would make me feel overly confident in my masculinity; I simply take pills 12 hours apart.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Well that wasn’t nearly exciting enough to warrant a blog post.”

What if I told you that I had to take the pills with food?! Would that be exciting enough to compete with the Instagram update that just flashed on your phone saying that you got a new follower? Probably not. What if I told you that I can’t just take it with ANY type of food….. The food must have fat. Yep, that’s all–pills 12 hours apart taken with a fat-containing food.

Okay, I officially apologize for wasting your time. Sadly, technical details like this generally excite me more than social interaction #engineer