2 Minute Blog Overview


Follow me on my journey as I document my experience as one of the first wave participants of a new, protein modulator Cystic Fibrosis drug called Trikafta. While I like to think of myself as a member of the X Men squad because I’m a genetic mutant, unfortunately my genetic mutation only gives me extra sticky mucus that results in my disease #superSnot. Protein modulators like Trikafta are supposed to help “fix” that sticky mucus.


This drug should help me to grow a set of lungs in my legs. Just kidding, it isn’t that cool–This drug only changes cells throughout the body so they can transfer sodium chloride in and out of cell membranes appropriately. #nerdin


I might die. In fact, I guarantee that I will die at some point. Will I die while writing this blog or because of this drug? Highly unlikely. Aside from that, the only thing that will make this blog interesting is me. Unfortunately, this second draw has nothing to do with my personality but likely stems from my uniqueness by virtue of me trying Trikafta. #reality Now that it has been established that the drug is the only thing that’s cool about this blog, let me hype it up: almost nobody is has taken this drug, it has only been FDA approved since October 2019, it is one of humanity’s first attempts at genetic personalized medicine, and it is only even potentially available to less than 0.06% of the U.S. population. As such, there may be exciting things to describe that you won’t find on the FDA website. Also, due to the individual nature of genes, the sensations people have on this drug are completely unique. In short, this blog may be readable because it is more likely that you’re recovering from a shark attack than that that you’re taking a gene modulator. #scarcityprinciple


1) The following sensations that I write about are not “side effects” of protein modulators like Trikafta. If you want real information on side effects, seek published info from Vertex Pharmaceuticals 2) I’ve been simultaneously suffering with a series of neurological issues in addition to my CF (cystic fibrosis), and as such, the content that write is ONLY RELEVANT TO MY EXPERIENCE. 3) I like to infuse humor into my writing, so don’t take me too seriously. With that being said, I’m not “making stuff up” for the sake of entertainment–this is simply a representation of my experience When in doubt, see the all caps portion of part 2.

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