First Dose of Trikafta Making Me Superman?

Minutes after consuming my first dose of Trikafta, the hot new CF protein modulating drug, I felt a serious psychological and physical high; After taking the first two glorious capsules with a hefty meal consisting of 2 pieces of popcornopolis popcorn, electrolytes, and some peanut flour (I’ve only eaten one meal a day for 6 years in order to regulate pain associated with my chronic pancreatitis… So this meal was a “bonus”) I could feel, my body changing.


At first, I felt a wave of excitement and a tangible increase in energy. While this side effect was amazing to experience, it’s not very interesting to read about–so I’ll give you the other juicy details. Then came the runny nose, heartburn burps, and the sweaty face and hands.

WARNING: The following content may contain a few bodily details that I personally wouldn’t want to read about if I were eating right now. So put down your fork and proceed with caution.

MY DRAMATIC JOURNAL ENTRY: Immediately, I felt my digestive system start churning. This led to lots of exciting noises like rumbling, grumbling, burps,and sounds associated with “pressurized air excretions” from the only hole on the backside of my body. These little “air leaks” made things more sensory, both for me and my family, as it added an element of smell to the experience. Encapsulating quote, “I need to open the window.”

Shortly thereafter I began salivating–lots and lots of salivating. I think that my body thought that I was entering a hick spitting competition <—which could actually be quite an interesting, fun “cultural” event to attend, if said event exists.

Lastly came the “lung pops”. It felt as though the muscles or ligaments that held my left lung to my rib cage were detaching and collapsing inward. While I’d like to pretend that it was a major, terrifying medical event akin to cutting off an arm to escape a Utah crevasse, in reality it was more like an odd side burp cough thing.

OVERALL: If I raced a speeding train right after I took it, I’m pretty sure I would’ve won….If that train was named Thomas the train, was a few inches in length, and ran on double A batteries. #reality